I'm Allen Johnson. I live in Denver, Colorado, where I build websites.

I am a senior full stack developer and front end engineer with 20+ years of software development experience in many different tech stacks and industries. I am adept at working with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and React in diverse back-end environments including Next.js, Node.js, PHP, Java, and Ruby on Rails.

I recently spent a year contracting with a team at Etsy to facilitate server-side rendering of React component islands, able to communicate using a shared Redux store. This helped product engineers to provide enhanced user experiences for Etsy customers, while still maintaining fast page load times, through on-demand hydration of static content with interactive features.

In the time since Etsy, I have focused mostly on my own business, WebEquate. I have built new websites and re-built my existing portfolio of websites using Next.js, React, TypeScript, MongoDB, Tailwind CSS, and Vercel, to modernize development workflow, streamline site updates, and enhance site speed.

I am currently seeking a new opportunity to contribute to a dynamic and collaborative team or to an interesting project or initiative, with a preference for mostly remote work.

I also enjoy travel, hiking, photography, electronic music, generative AI, and foreign languages.

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